T.E.A.M. Israel is an acronym for The Equine Athletics Mission Israel,  a US-based, non-profit organization (501c3 status pending), established in 2014 to give more Israeli riders the opportunity to compete at the highest level of equestrian sports, garner positive international media attention and advance equine sports, education, and industry within Israel.

"We chose the name "T.E.A.M. Israel: The Equine Athletics Mission" because it encompasses all of our goals, from on-the-ground educational activities and support for equine  professionals in Israel to Olympic caliber competitive representation. The acronym T.E.A.M. Israel points to our ultimate objective of creating an international Israeli equestrian team, in collaboration with and under the rules of the IEF. It also conveys our belief that everyone--athletes, supporters, fans and lovers of Israel alike--all have a place “on the TEAM”, proudly standing together with Israel’s equine athletes as they ride for our nation". 

-- Deborah Schultz, T.E.A.M. Israel Founder & Chair

Blaze of Glory Design Contest

Blaze of Glory Design Contest

Making History at 2014 US Nations Cup 

Making History at 2014 US Nations Cup 

Launch Party & Fundraiser 2014

Launch Party & Fundraiser 2014

Achievements to Date

In T.E.A.M. Israel’s early days as a non-profit organization, we have already achieved the following impressive accomplishments:

  • Hosted a “Launch Party” in Wellington, FL, successfully widening our support base of horse enthusiasts and  Israel advocates;

  • Sponsored the "Blaze of Glory" design contest via social media for the design of a T.E.A.M. Israel competition blazer, thereby raising global awareness of the organization;

  • Debuted the first ever Israeli Nations Cup team, making history in Wellington, FL, February 2014;

  • Presented Israeli riders on the 2014 Longines Global Championship Tour, placing in the ribbons at Valkenswaard, The Netherlands;

  • Competed in the World Equestrian Games, with T.E.A.M. Israel show jumper Danielle Goldstein 

  • Provided several professional training clinics in Israel for riders and instructors;

  • Hired a Director of Program Development in Israel with the trifecta of skills needed for our mission- a lifelong horsewoman with non-profit experience and a communications background!

  • Researched and begun development of programming needs on the ground in Israel, in cooperation with the Israel Equestrian Federation and industry professionals.

Poised for the Future 

The organization is now poised for it’s next growth phase, which includes the following developments:

  • Build the T.E.A.M. Israel Team: Secure necessary funding to hire a Team Manager, give grants to develop selected riders;

  • Setting the 2015 competition calendar and issuing calls to riders and qualifying for the ride on an IEF-fielded team in the European Championships in Aachen, Germany in mid-August

  • Launch our flagship Youth Rider's Fellowship program

  • Developing and holding our 2015 professional Industry Clinics in Israel

  • Securing operational and program funding through 2016;

  • Expanding promotional and informational outreaches;

  • Rounding out our Board of Directors

Your financial support to T.E.A .M. Israel is horse powered advocacy for Israel!