T.E.A.M. Israel is invested in the financial success of Israeli equine practitioners and entrepreneurs. We seek to partner with industry professionals in assessing and addressing their needs.

We encourage economic development in the following ways:

  • shared advertising and promotional marketing through TI affiliation;

  • promotion of best practices in small business management;

  • new business and employment opportunities with our programs;

  • development and/or expansion of specialized fields such as equine chiropractic, dentistry, etc.;

  • unique equestrian programs designed to attract clients from abroad;

  • encouragement of equine tourism;

  • international sponsorship of Israeli national competitions.

Economic growth is a crucial element for a vibrant  equine community, and also has a positive impact on the greater society. T.E.A.M. Israel strives for the success of Israeli professional people. Development of fresh market opportunities, honing excellent management skills, and access to expert resources are crucial components of viable businesses. And good business is...well, it's good business!

Professional Clinics

T.E.A.M. Israel aims to stimulate economic growth of the Israeli equine industry by providing superior quality training clinics to enhance the success and capabilities of Israeli equine professionals. Our goal is to conduct 3 clinics per year that will bring the greatest possible return to practitioners on the ground.

In 2015, we are planning the following clinics:

Equitation Project 

We are supporting this is exciting new Israeli Equestrian Federation project to institute an Equitation program, currently non-existent  in Israel. This foundational project will have a far-reaching impact, improving the basic seat and ability of young Israeli riders, preparing them to compete against  those trained in Europe and the U.S.

 Trainer Clinic

A Jumping Clinic for Instructors with Danielle Goldstein. We have been invited to provide this clinic as part of an  instructor certification course in the Spring of 2015.

To Be Announced

Stay tuned! Our third clinic for 2015 is currently in the research and development phase. 


Building Israel's presence on the world stage starts at home!