The Equine Athletics Mission Israel is principled upon premium standards in equine education. We provide programming that aims to maximize the potential of every equestrian--from young riders to accomplished professionals. We believe that elevating educational standards and increasing the knowledge base  will stimulate healthy growth in the Israeli equine industry and allow the nation to take a vital role in international equestrian athletics.  

TI contributes to equestrian education in Israel in the following ways:

  • supporting national young rider educational programs and competitions;

  • developing youth leadership skills and good sportsmanship through T.E.A.M. Israel’s Young Rider’s Fellowship;

  • bringing international clinicians to provide intensive learning opportunities for riders of all age and ability levels;

  • increasing exposure to equine athletics inside and outside of Israel through media outreach;

  • supporting instructors and trainers with consultation and resource services;

  • equipping Israeli equestrians to ride, study, and work abroad.


In training horses, one trains himself
— Antoine De Pluvinet

Flagship Program:  Israeli Equestrian Youth Fellowship

Young rider development is a high priority of T.E.A.M. Israel - to inspire and equip young Israeli equestrians to represent their nation at home and abroad.  

Our flagship youth program is a groundbreaking social and leadership development project, the Israeli Youth Rider’s Fellowship.