T.E.A.M. Israel: The Equine Athletics Mission Israel

Advancing Equine Sports in Israel


T.E.A.M. Israel [The Equine Athletic Mission Israel] is a nonprofit corporation established in 2014 to advance equine sports, awareness and education in Israel. We are driven to unite our passion for horses with the thrill and exposure of high performance equestrian events as a tool for global advocacy for Israel.

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Competitive Riding 

Competitive riding is the cornerstone of T.E.A.M. Israel’s vision--to raise the flag of Israel at international equestrian events, uniting horse enthusiasts around the globe in advocacy for Israel!

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We develop innovative educational programs established on global standards and designed to progress from foundational horsemanship through Olympic caliber sportsmanship.

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We envision a cultural enrichment of Israeli society generated by a vibrant professional horse industry. 


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